Welcome to the Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna (LPL) - one of the most dynamic and most unique campus of the growing Lyceum of the Philippines University System.

Originally known as the Lyceum Institute of Technology (LIT), LPL has developed its own innovative position as a particularly dynamic and vibrant institution with strong links with industry.

With over ten courses of study ranging from its class-leading international and HRM courses, to information technology, engineering, business and arts, LPL offers a fantastic opportunity to learn within a vibrant and dynamic school setting nestled in the foothills of Mt. Makiling and with strong ties to multi-national companies and medium scale industries that are located within the area.

As an ISO-9001 certified campus, the facilities rival the best in the Philippines today with qualified teachers many of whom are practitioners coming from industry. Its unique one-semester internship program for a majority of its academic programs will enable students and teachers to develop closer ties with the industry they will eventually enter into, thus giving them a unique headstart.

We invite you to visit our campus, tour our facilities and get a first-hand glimpse of the many exciting features of university life here in the Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna.